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My name is Amber Nettles. I also go by AmberLeighN and AmberLeigh17. I speak geek. I like music, animals, red wine, good beer, skittles, italian food, tv and movies, open windows in my bedroom, postsecret, bright colors, airplanes, steak and potatoes, android phones, macs, sundresses, painting furniture, clean sheets,, ikea, antiques, tattoos, vintage jewelry, quilts, stephen king, freddy krueger, dyeing my hair, purses, margaritas, my mom's cocker spaniel puppy, cheese, penguins, hot tea, sticky notes, the smell of ink on newspapers, gold sandals, claddaugh rings, marigolds, typography, management theory and coloring books, siamese cats, cupcakes, mardi gras beads, standing in an outdoor arena listening to music and a million other things
July 3. #photoadayjuly #bestpartofmyday (Taken with Instagram)

July 3. #photoadayjuly #bestpartofmyday (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago
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